American Covers Inc. employees are routinely trained to comply with plant safety requirements and hold current OSHA, Plant Specific and TWIC certifications. We are also proud to maintain an industry leading .91 EMR rating.

Safety Credentials

American Covers field installers hold the following safety credentials: Transportation Workers Identification
Credential (T.W.I.C.), O.S.H.A. Basic Plus and numerous plant site specifics. Our field installers receive their
continuous safety training and site specifics through the following organizations: Gulf Coast Safety
Council (G.C.S.C.) Houston Area Safety Council (H.A.S.C.), Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana (S.W.L.A.),
International Safety Training Council (I.S.T.C.)

Safety Affiliates

American Covers Inc. is a member of the following safety verification organizations. ISNetworld, Avetta, and PEC’s. These industries recognized organizations, collects self-reported conformance information from vendors, verifies its accuracy, and then reports the results in an easy to follow dashboard format.

Drug Screening

American Covers employees are active members of DISA drug testing consortium and comply with random
drug and alcohol screening requirements. Employees are tested for pre-employment, random, post-accident and
reasonable suspicion.

Background Screening

All American Coves field installers are required to consent to a background screening process. The background screenings are
through DISA, First Advantage or I.T.S.C. The employee background screening services provide the most current and accurate
data available and gives each client the ability to order and track employee background screens online.

“Safety impacts every aspect of American Covers’ success. Diligent safety practices allow us to be more competitive, and it benefits our customers with lower product and service cost. No job is so important, or requires completion so quickly, that we will not take the necessary time to perform it safely.”
Rick Fogarty

Our Safety Partners

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