Shipping Container Roof Kits

Why American Covers?

American Covers shipping container roof kits are designed to provide an economical solution for storage and shelter.  Available in kit form, our shipping container covers are easily assembled as well as  disassembled for storage or to move to your next job site.

Container mounted fabric shelters are ideal for plant turnarounds, industrial construction, material storage, construction tents and equipment storage.

Sizing and Flexibility

Shipping container roof kits and shipping container roof truss systems are available in various sizes. Shipping Container Covers from American Covers are ideal if you just need to add a roof between two shipping containers or if you application requires a complete system to include end panels with roll up doors. 

Safety and Reliability

We believe that all accidents are preventable with
proper training, planning and follow up. Safety is priority one on all projects, regardless of size or duration. We promote a workplace environment designed to reduce the likelihood of accidents. By enforcing our comprehensive safety program, requiring regular safety training, and recognizing safe work practices, our employees have a clear expectation that American Covers expects excellence in work safety at all times.

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